About Us

West Coast Industrial Solutions is a quarterly trade magazine that serves the food and beverage, food processing, agriculture, and manufacturing industries. Our goal is to connect professionals in these industries to one another and to emerging information in their fields.

We began in January 2019 by hand distributing the magazine at trade shows. In April, we built our website and starting developing our social media presence. In July 2019, we mailed over 750 magazines to industry professionals throughout the western states and across the country, and started planning our first WC Safety & Maintenance Expo set for Oct. 2019.

Each edition includes five primary sections: innovation, finance, ethics, safety, and explore. We strive to create articles that address issues affecting each industry with some definite crossover. And we are focused on the West Coast, so we love to feature nearby events and resources. You can find links to these five sections plus company profiles in the menu above. We hope you enjoy our content!

We also love to feature businesses through company profiles and advertisements. For more information on how to promote your business through WCIS, click the “Advertise” link in our menu above.

Thanks for visiting our site and building our community!

Mission & Goals

Other ag publications are becoming increasingly niche, but we see the value in developing cross-industry relationships. We understand that it takes dozens of experts to make any agribusiness run, which is why we have chosen to help these professionals find other business leaders, experts, and resources to help them flourish and grow.

Our goal is to facilitate these connections through online and face-to-face engagement. We want to create a community of trustworthy experts who can help each other’s business thrive.

The demographics listed below represent our 3rd quarter, which is also our third edition of the magazine. Please note that the quarter is in progress until Dec. 31, 2019.

For more information, you may access our media kit here.