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Safety and Risk Management Rules to Live By

Jared Minnick & John Cleveland
J G Parker Insurance
Time: 11:45 am – 12:45 pm
Cost: FREE

When I transitioned from patching up people who were injured when I was a paramedic to teaching
people how to prevent being injured after graduating with a degree in occupational safety and risk
management, I was drinking the “safety” cool aid and couldn’t get enough. I latched on to every safety
philosophy that was the rage that week. Behavioral based safety, Dupont Stop, Human Factors, etc.
safety bingo, raffles, jackets, hats, the list is endless.

Like many business owners and managers responsible for “safety” it was a never ending roller coaster
of trying the next best thing, having it get stale and ineffective, trying to change it up enough to get
employees excited again, and the eventual “buying” of safety performance through incentives,
giveaways, and cash only to eventually have it just become something that was too hard to manage and
maintain results.

After many years of watching and learning and experiencing firsthand success and failure I have
established the following 4 basic rules regarding safety and risk management.

  1. A business cannot expect peak performance of any task without established and clearly
    communicated expectations, policy, and/or procedure.
  2. Employees will generally perform to the level of expectation and performance criteria placed on
  3. Every employee has safety and risk baggage. They will bring it to your business regardless of
    how great they are.
  4. Motivation, recognition, and expectations should be communicated from the person who
    affects the daily life of the employee while they are at work. (hint, it’s not the safety manger!)
    Companies that recognize these truths and use them to expose the myriad safety myths find that safety
    and risk management is much easier and success is the default state.

We will discuss these rules and how to apply them. They are scalable to any size organization. When
applied companies can begin to realize the benefits of a solid foundation for managing risk, reap the
benefits of good employee relations and work practices, and the very real cost savings and mitigation of
volatile insurance related expenses.

Jared Minnick has been involved with Safety and Risk Management for almost 35 years, from EMS to
professional risk management for defense, food production, heavy civil construction, transportation and
Insurance. He has an AS in Health Science/Paramedicine from BYU IDAHO and BS from CSU Fresno in
Safety and Risk Management. He currently provides risk management consulting and Insurance
brokerage services to clients of James G. Parker Insurance.

John Cleveland is Vice President at James G Parker Insurance. He has a degree from CSU Fersno has
over 20 years of experience working with business that have specialized needs in risk management and
insurance. Specializing in Loss sensitive and complicated insurance placement.